TECH-CENT LTD is a privately owned company. The company was established on August 1989 with the vision to continue the sales promotion and support of a selected world known suppliers of High Tech products to the Israeli market.

TECH-CENT LTD is located in a very modern 200 square meter facilities. The office has a central main server providing services for all different departments of the company to include: sales, service lab & support, order processing, Marcom and a general scereterial one.

TECH-CENT LTD has its own computerized mailing list which has been built through out the years and assist in the daily sales and marketing efforts. Emphasizing the technical, reliability, personal honesty, and flexibility of the Principal on the one hand, and taking advantage of years of working experience on the other is our formula for success in this local competitive market.

TECH-CENT LTD was granted its ISO9001 certificate by the local Institute of Standards since 1995 and is being auditted aunnualy to maintain this important certificate.

In additional TECH-CENT has a large service and calibration department to provide a better local support to its customers.



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