Integrated DF & spectrum monitoring

The RFeye Array 100 family is designed for vehicle-mounted, transportable or ground-fixed installations. It is a fully integrated plug-and-play system containing a high-performance RFeye Node, spiral antenna modules and high-speed switch and is available with optional IP65 radome and mounting kit. The RFeye receiver commutates at very high speed around the antennas to make near-simultaneous AOA measurements in multiple directions.

Single channel: 1 x RFeye Node 50-8, 100-8 or 100-18

DF (AOA) 500MHz 8GHz or 18GHz

IBW 50 MHz or 100 MHz

Monitoring 9kHz 8GHz or 18GHz (omni)

Integrated IP65 radome

Combined AOA/TDOA/POA capability

26 ” Dia(0.65 m) x 12.5″ high (0.32 m)

44 lbs (20 kg)

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