The RFeye SenS Portable takes the long-duration, high-fidelity RF signal recording you might expect from a desktop recording system, and delivers it in a lightweight, portable form factor. Where other portable recorders cut corners in terms of signal fidelity, the SenS Portable combines small size and low weight with a highly sensitive RFeye receiver. This makes it ideal for capturing live, real-world signals in their native environment – without sacrificing recording quality. With tremendous resolution and ultra-low noise, the SenS Portable empowers you to capture the most complex RF signals, including intermittent, low-power signals, even signals with a short pulse duration that hide next to other transmission sources. The SenS Portable uses built-in, enterprise-class SSDs to provide up to 25.6 TB of storage for hours or even days of RF signal recording using CRFS’s RFeye DeepView software. This capability enables you to record vital RF signals for hours or even days in order to capture highly sporadic but critical signals. It can be used to capture pattern-of-life information for evidentiary analysis, to generate libraries of high-value signals for manufacturing test and measurement (T&M), or even to record native environments for pre-mission operational planning.

Bring desktop-quality recording outside the lab

  • Capture more signals with a frequency range of 9 kHz – 8 GHz/18 GHz
  • Record narrowband or wideband signals using up to 100 MHz real-time bandwidth
  • Gather hours of I/Q in one sitting with built-in storage up to 25.6 TB
  • Maintain superior signal fidelity for analysis and playback
  • Quickly find and extract signals via DeepView’s intuitive software interface
  • Receive interoperability support for 3rd-party integration

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